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The CTI Process


 CTI Houston consistently receives bid invites from General Contractors whom we have worked with - a proud testimony to the quality of our work. We would be pleased to submit a bid for your upcoming projects in Texas and Louisiana. We would also be happy to explore concrete construction opportunities in other states as required by our clients. We ensure the accuracy of our bids tailored to the project, by using the sophisticated CTI Process.

Project scope

We define each project’s unique scope in a written requirements document that considers factors like operational needs, level of service, regulatory requirements and quality of deliverables, to arrive at a definition of the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a result with the specified features and functions. As the project evolves, the scope is refined as new information becomes available.


Estimating - quantity take-off and pricing

Quantity takeoff is one of the most important parts in the pre-bidding process. We perform quantity takeoffs of construction documents. This entails measuring, counting and figuring quantities of any given construction item contained within the plans. These takeoffs can be used for bidding purposes, budgeting purposes or ordering purposes. Our takeoffs are performed using on-screen takeoff software which allows for accurate quantity takeoffs. CTI Houston can send individual colored structural plan sheets with quantities shown enhancing the ability for simple customer reviews and comparisons. The final step is the pricing of the work. We construct an estimate using resource-based estimating methods (labor, materials, subcontract, equipment, schedules, etc.)


Project management

Your project will be managed from start to finish by an experienced Project Manager – right from the preconstruction to the post-construction stage. Project management duties:

Preconstruction Phase

  •  Critical Path Project Plan to outline all milestones and critical tasks to project completion.
  • Constructability Review to resolve problems before actual construction, making the project easier and more economical to build.
  • Budget Evaluation to identify potential cost issues.
  • Quality Assurance Plan to guarantee Owner/Designer expectations are understood so they may be met and exceeded. Safety Plan to identify potential safety hazards.

Construction Phase

  • Completing concrete reinforcement installation, concrete formwork design and installation and concrete placement and finishing.
  • Inspection services - daily onsite monitoring of the construction activity to rapidly identify/resolve unforeseen conditions, and to control the cost and quality.
  • Risk management - Preventive safety monitoring programs are continuously implemented and evaluated.

Post-Construction Phase

Post-occupancy monitoring - closeout and warranty processes.

  • Scheduling: The "Critical Path" method of scheduling accelerates the completion of a project by identifying and expediting the most important tasks in a project. This saves time and money.
  • Materials procurement and logistics: The proper materials getting to the site at the optimum time, in the correct quantities, ensures reduced waste and enhanced performance resulting in optimum utilization of manpower and equipment.
    Field engineering – converting blueprints into concrete structures with accuracy, monitoring contract documents and work in progress, verifying dimensions from drawings to details.
  • Safety management - Enforcing company and jobsite policies with the aim to attain the highest standards in safety, not just for our workers, but for the Owner, General Contractor, site visitors and the general public, without sacrificing quality and productivity.
  • Budget management - Keeping tight control of costs through proactive planning, supervision and payment control .
  • Inspection and testing for proper slumps and strength compliance, during preplacement and placement, reinforcing steel and post-placement operations.
  • Monitoring and ensuring that quality standards are met


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